My Disney Bucket List

Hello again! I’m already on my 10th post on my new blog so I thought I’d share something special with you – my Disney bucket list! I was given to inspiration to do this from Arielle at The Little Dismaid – even though I’ve done a lot of Disney experiences, it’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to everything I’d like to do.

So here is my Disney Bucket List, anything I’d like to do that involves Disney. I haven’t included purchases because I could write a post on it’s own about my grail purchases. Obviously because I haven’t done any of these things myself, none of the pictures are my own – they have all been taken from google images.

Visit every Disney Park in the world 

Obviously, this is a basic goal of any Disney Parks fan – but it’s a must to include in my Disney Bucket List. I’ve been to California once, for its 50th Anniversary in February 2005. I’ve been to Florida twice, once in 2000 and again in 2015. My last trip to Paris was my 13th time, I’ve roughly gone once every two years since I was two years old, give or take  – but that means there’s 3 I still haven’t done! Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong are so far the only parks I haven’t visited.

walt_disney_museum_san_francisco02Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum was founded by Walt’s late daughter, Diane Disney Miller. It is an absolute dream of mine to go, but since it is in San Fransisco, and we are going to Los Angeles – over four hours away – we unfortunately cannot travel that far to get there. It is just another excuse to visit the States in the future, as this is something I cannot miss out on in my lifetime.

1180w-600h_120116_walt-birthplace-updates-780x440Visit The Walt Disney Birthplace

This is a fairly new one, as I only recently found out that you could visit Walt’s birthplace. It’s in Chicago, which is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit anyway – so maybe there is a trip to see this house on the cards for the future!


The-Real-Up-House-in-Utah-Family-TravelVisit the Up house

As is becoming clear to a lot of you, the Pixar film Up means an awful lot to me. I have four items of clothing, two items of jewellery and seven trading pins of Up. This house is in Utah, it’s decorated inside and out just like Carl and Ellie’s house in the film, and it has it’s own instagram account, which I follow, of course!

D23 Legends Awards CeremonyGo to D23

This is a dream of mine, not only to be in the D23 fan club, but also to attend a D23 expo. I follow a lot of people on instagram who go every year, and I love seeing their experiences! I would also have to Disneybound – probably for the first time ever!

Pixar-Post-Pixar-Animation-Studios-Front-Gate_001Visit Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation studios would also be on this list, except it’s already something we are going to see when we go to California next year. Unfortunately, there aren’t tours available for either of these studios, but just to see them is enough for me. I hope one day I can cross this one off the list.

disney-cruise-frontGo on a Disney Cruise

The Disney Cruise Line never used to appeal to me, as I’m not a fan of cruises and I thought it would only be fun for kids. However, wdw magazine recently did an instagram story of the Disney Dream cruise ship and the theming is so beautiful! It was silly of me to imagine that their cruise ships would be any different than their parks. The Disney Magic sets sail from Dover, so this may just be something I can do!

Visit-Walt-special-bench-inspirationSit on Walt’s Bench

This may sound silly to the less Walt-loving person, but this is the actual bench that my idol, Mr Walter Elias Disney himself, was sat on when he dreamt up Disneyland park. This is something I will definitely be crossing off the bucket list next April!

Okay, so there’s a lot more I could add to this, but these are the main things on my Disney bucket list! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I hope in the future I can tell you that I’ve ticked some off!





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  1. Such a great post! I loved seeing your bucket list items- Yes to seeing the Up house one day, what a dream come true! D23 and The Walt Disney Family Museum were great trips for me, perhaps I’ll write a post about the museum next. These are some awesome goals!

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