BLOGMAS: Disneyland Paris Haul, Everything Else

Hello again, and welcome to Blogmas day seven! Here’s my final blog about what I bought from Disneyland Paris. You’ve seen the Tsum Tsums, you’ve seen the pins, so here is everything else!


img_3065-1First, I bought these cute little lollipops. I got a pack for me, and a pack for my best friend and her family. I haven’t tried any of mine yet, because I’m trying to find out whether I can unload the yellow and orange ones onto my boyfriend. They’re super cute, I love anything Mickey-shaped and I can’t wait to eat them!

Next, my mom got me this biscuit tin. I was going mad about how badly I wanted to try the biscuits, so my mom gave me hers and I can keep the tin. I’m currently taking suggestions as to what I can store in the tin once the biscuits are in my belly – which will be soon.

img_3060-1The biscuits are packaged in groups of five, which is such a good idea as the biscuits last longer. And I can share them out easily by just giving my boyfriend or my parents a packet as and when they fancy them. I also took a couple of packets to work for breakfast one day.

img_3067As well as tasting really good, like thin malted milks, they look beautiful! I love anything with Disney characters on so these are just perfect for me.

img_3081I also had to pick up the 25th anniversary Tinker Bell straw. It fits on all fizzy drinks bottles and it’s basically amazing. Unfortunately, I have broken it since coming home, Tinker Bell has come off, and I need to attempt to glue her back on.Plush

img_2887-1Next, I bought these gorgeous 25th anniversary Duffy and Shelly-May plushies. While we were there, the 25th anniversary merchandise went on sale because they can only sell them this year, so these were 40% and my parents paid for one of them.

Their design is really cute, and I love the detail on their little jackets. They’re on top of my bookcase with my Park exclusive plushies which I’m hoping to share with you soon.

Then my boyfriend bought me this gorgeous Monsters University Sulley plush on our second day. I absolutely love Sulley and Monsters Inc (and Monsters University, but not as much as the original). This Sulley is so soft and I love how he’s wearing his fraternity shop, and it also means a lot to me that my boyfriend bought it for me. I sleep with this little guy every night now.


Next, I got this cute 25th anniversary snow globe. Over the years I’ve collected a few snow globes but they’re notoriously hard to get back in a suitcase, so this year I bought this plastic one instead of a glass one. I love that it’s double sided and I’m still going to display it with my others.img_2881-1
Finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for. I collect Disney figurines, and I had my heart set on one this year and after checking in the back, a cast member found it for me. This cost me €89, so £80, which doesn’t even make it the most expensive one I own, which is my Partners statue in bronze. This is so special to me, as I have to collect anything with Walt himself on. I’m so glad I managed to get it and I’m so relieved it got home safely.

The detail on it is incredible, it is a real mirror that came with a protective sticker on it, and between Mickey’s arm and the canvas there was a little piece of polystyrene to keep his arm from snapping off. I’m so glad they take so much care with packaging them up because I would have been heartbroken if it had broken on the plane.

This is by far one of my favourite statues, and it matches a postcard I bought in Walt Disney World two years ago. I’m so happy I’ve been able to add this to my collection, which I will show you soon!

Thank you for reading my blog, this is the last of my Disneyland Paris hauls but this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of my Disney collection!


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