BLOGMAS: To Pixar and Beyond, A Disney Book Review 

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today, I’m going to review another book I read that’s Disney related. You may have already seen my first Disney book review of The Disney Story.

This book was recommended to me on Audible because of my interest in Jim Henson’s biography as well as many Walt Disney biographies. I would not have seen it otherwise as it comes under the business section, and I never look in that category.

Since reading this book, I’ve searched amazon for other books similar to this, and I’ve found lots. They now safely live in my amazon wish list for Christmas/birthday present ideas and just when I fancy treating myself.

I’ve never read a business book before, but in my opinion, this book isn’t for the business aspect. This book would be great for fans of Pixar who are wondering how they started out. This is what I was hoping to find out, anyway.Pixar is my favourite film studio, and Toy Story is still my favourite of their films, even though it was released when I was one. Even the films I didn’t particularly like at first grew on me, and I’m hoping to share with you in a later post my top five films. I may even do a blog post on my dissertation, which was about Up.

Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to make Entertainment History is a book by Lawrence Levy about how Steve Jobs asked him to help take Pixar public at a time when they were struggling financially, having lost Jobs $50million by the time Levy was recruited.

I learned a lot about the process, as I didn’t have any business knowledge going into this book, and I also learned a lot about Pixar as a company, how one film takes four years to create from planning to release and they can only produce one film at a time. Their animators are paid even when they aren’t working on a movie, and their initial contract with Disney meant they could only make three movies with Disney (which was a 12 year contract by Pixar’s schedule) and Disney could make sequels of those films without them.

It warmed my heart how much Levy cared for Pixar. He mentioned he fought Walt Disney Studios to have the names of the admin personnel at Pixar added onto the credits for the films, something Walt Disney Studios had never done before. He wanted to make sure everyone at Pixar felt included in the company’s success. This even meant naming the ‘Pixar babies’ in the credits, the children of the staff who were born while the film was in production – this was very special for his own family.

Pixar is a very unique and talented studio, as they constantly produce original ideas without the need for retellings. Disney may do these well, but Pixar give us new stories that stay with us for life – because both companies create classics. Levy himself but it better than I ever could: Pixar is “the little company that made the world fall in love with toys, bugs, fish, monsters, cars, superheroes, chefs, robots, and emotions.” Only Pixar could make me cry at toys facing an incinerator, a monster saying goodbye to a little human girl, or Bing Bong saying “take her to the moon for me.” Just thinking about those three scenes is making me tear up writing this.

So what I’m trying to say here, with tears in my eyes, is that if you love the company that brought Woody and Buzz, Mike and Sully, Wall-e and Eve, and The Incredibles to life, then you need to read this book. Don’t let the fact that it is a business book put you off, because even that is interesting to find out about. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I gave it five stars on goodreads.

Buy it here: AudibleAmazonWaterstones, and Book Depository

COMING TOMORROW: A Disney Film Review

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