BLOGMAS: Disney Book Review, Kids Grown Up

Hi guys and welcome to another blogmas post! I can’t believe there’s only one more week until Christmas! I’ve really enjoyed blogging every day, and I’m really going to miss it when I go back to blogging once or twice a week!

Today, I want to do another Disney Book Review. This is my third that I’ve done, and with a massive Disney TBR pile, I know it won’t be the last. If you want to read my others, they are here and here.

When I had finished writing my Disney stocking fillers post, I started thinking Do books count as stocking fillers? Technically, they don’t fit in a stocking, but they come within the price range, so I’m a little on the fence. I wanted to get this book review up before Christmas because if you have a Disney fan in your life, they definitely need this book.

So this book is a gorgeous little poetry book from my friend, Sophie Jo. She’s basically everything I want to be, she’s written for the Walt Disney Family Museum (a Bucket list trip of mine) and her interests are so similar to mine, I class her as my internet best friend. She actually pointed out to me a few weeks ago that we’ve been talking on tumblr for years and I didn’t realise it was her! Our friendship could be the plot of a film or a book.

Anyway, I digress. I saw her poetry book on either instagram or twitter about six months ago, and I ordered it online. It arrived only a few days later with a beautiful handwritten postcard (featuring Dumbo!) thanking me for buying her book.

The poems are really sweet, and they bring back childhood memories of Disneyland Paris – which is her home Park, like mine. She’s also recently visited Disneyland in California, which means I’m annoying her by asking her a million questions a day.

My favourite poem is the title poem, Kids Grown Up (Shut Up, Mike) which is Sophie defending her love of Disney at her age – which, at twenty-three, I basically have to do on a daily basis too. I was afraid of starting this blog because I thought I would be looked at negatively for having a passion that was considered childish. Luckily, no negativity has come my way – yet.

There’s poems about Disney park rides, about characters, about films. I also love her poem about being afraid of Space Mountain, because I ran out of the queue at 18 crying and have never attempted to go on it again since. Her poems speak to me on a personal level, my inner child feels what she is writing.

This isn’t the only Sophie content available either, she regularly posts new poems to her instagram and twitter, which gives me hope that Kids Grown Up will get a second instalment! I’d love it if you all would support my lovely friend, because Disney poetry is officially the best form of poetry.


She also really loves Oswald, who is terribly underrated and overlooked, so she deserves brownie points just for giving him some well-deserved spotlight. If you enjoy reading this poem, be sure to buy a copy of her book here!

Thank you for reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow for another blogmas post.

COMING TOMORROW: A Disney product review


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  1. This collection is so wonderful, sweet & whimsical. And so cleverly done. I’ve recommended it to basically anyone I know who has a shared love of Disney & poetry & I’m really excited that she’s working on a book.

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