BLOGMAS: Disney Product Review, Princess Castle Micro Tsum Tsum Set

Good morning lovelies and welcome to yet another blogmas post! It is now six days to Christmas, meaning there’s only six days left of blogmas! I will really miss daily blogging when I’m back to blogging twice a week, but I will admit I’m running out of ideas.

I’ve used blogmas as a way of seeing what I can do with my new blog, what works well and what I can do as a regular feature in the future. I’m already doing monthly hauls, book reviews, film reviews and wish lists, and today I thought I’d try something else new: a product review.

I’ve chosen to do this today, as those of you in the know will know that today is Tsum Tsum Tuesday – originally, when Tsum Tsums first came to the UK, they were released monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. Now, we get two Tsum Tsum Tuesdays a month. Some releases I don’t buy, but I am definitely getting today’s release which is a Coco set.

So today I’m going to show you the last Tsum Tsum release, showing you close ups of all of the Tsum Tsums and giving you my initial thoughts on the release. The release in question is the Disney Princess Castle Micro Tsum Tsum set.

If you want to see close ups of the castle and the princesses, I’ve done a Youtube video about my Disney Princess tsum tsum collection where I hold the micros from this set up against their small versions.

First of all, I didn’t buy this on the day of release. I’m trying (and failing!) to cut down on my spending, so I decided to wait to see if I really wanted it. I did want it, because of three main reasons: Mulan, Merida and Pocahontas. I actually asked my mom if she could lend me the money for this, and she got it for me on the day the Beauty and the Beast Ufufy set was released (I will share that with you another time).

The castle is really beautiful, I was really happy with the size and I think it’s probably the biggest micro Tsum Tsum set the Disney Store has released. The colours are perfect, the soft grey and pastel pink are perfect princess colours and the fact that it’s just a generic castle shape, instead of a specific princess’ castle, is actually perfect because I don’t think I could choose my favourite Princess castle – my favourite Disney castle is obviously La Chateau de la Belle as Dormant at Disneyland Paris.

I have high hopes that this release will lead to one of two things: either more micro Tsum Tsum sets with characters in their castle or another item, such as the Frozen sleigh setor regular Tsum Tsum releases of Brave, Mulan and the Princess and the Frog. I’m tempted to use the comments section of this blog as an open petition to the Disney Store to make these Tsums!

I’m a bit of a terrible collector, because I collect for sentimental value rather than monetary value, so most of my plushes lose their tags – and this set is no exception. I’ve kept the label on, because they’d look scruffy cut off (though they’re too big on micro Tsum Tsums and get on my nerves) but I’ve cut off the tag. I just thought I’d show you them, because I think it’s cute that they still include the story of Tsum Tsums.

So, now all that’s left to show you are the princesses themselves! They were attached to the castle so that they couldn’t fall out or get stolen, but I wanted to give you close ups of the princesses, and get a closer look myself. Also, I’ve put them back in a different order because I like some princesses more than others.

Some day, my Prince will come. I love this Snow White Tsum Tsum, but I do have her in a regular size along with all seven dwarves. I didn’t buy the micro Tsum Tsum set of her cottage because Snow was the same size as the dwarves and I couldn’t come to terms with that.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Again, I do have a regular size Tsum Tsum of Cinderella, but I still think the detail on her is stunning. She was one of the first full sets I ever owned, and she’s displayed proudly on my wall. I can’t wait to show you my collection in a future post.

You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream. Would you believe, I don’t actually own this particular Sleeping Beauty Tsum?! When her set was released, I was trying to save money for Disneyland Paris, and I only bought her Briar Rose outfit, with her parents, the fairies and the owl. I’m happy that I now have her in both outfits, but I wish I could change her between blue/pink as I pleased.

Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of that world. This gorgeous Ariel Tsum Tsum features her human dress, whereas previously she has only been available in her mermaid form! This makes me incredibly happy, as I think this was a problem with her original release.

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. This Belle is indeed beautiful, but she’s not my favourite Belle Tsum – the award must go to the provincial Belle in her blue and white dress which was released in a bag set. The prince and his servants are in human form, too.

Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide? I have had a Jasmine Tsum for a while, due to the Aladdin set being released quite early on, but I still think the detail on Jasmine is very well done.

If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew. Okay, so three-year-old me is SHOOK by micro Pocahontas. I was obsessed with her when I was little – there was a home video of me ignoring my birthday presents because my dad had put Pocahontas on the TV and I wanted to watch that instead. I really hope they release a Pocahontas set in the future, because she’s one of my favourites.

Must there be a secret me I’m forced to hide? Again, SHOOK. Finally a Tsum Tsum that even my boyfriend will approve of me buying! I’m hoping for a full Mulan set now because I think the characters would translate really well into Tsum Tsums, and it’s an underrated movie.

Fairytales can come true, you gotta make ‘em happen, it all depends on you. Okay, so up until this point there had been only a Dr Facilier Tsum that was released in a Villains set, so I’m really happy they’ve finally released a Tiana. I haven’t watched this film many times but I think it’s a really lovely one and I’m glad it’s getting merchandise.

When will my life begin? I must say, I’m still so hurt that there’s no plush toy of Tangled the film Punzie with brown hair, or a Tsum, But nonetheless, I love the detail on this Rapunzel. I haven’t see the TV series yet, so the only Tsums I got from that set were her parents.

I will hear their every story, take hold of my own dream. Merida is SO beautiful, I can’t get over the detail on her – they embroidered a little bow and arrow on her side! Honestly, this is another wish list Tsum Tsum release – I think I could do a blog post just on what films I wish they would do Tsums of. Look out for that in the new year!


And there you have it! Don’t they look wonderful together? The more eagled eyed Disney fans will notice that I showed you those close ups in the order in which their films were released! Let me know if you picked up on that.

Please, Disney Store:

  • release a Pocahontas set
  • release a Brave set
  • release a Mulan set
  • release a Rapunzel Tsum with brown, short hair because she’s lost her magic now and she looks gorgeous in her wedding dress

If you want this set for yourself, it is available to buy from the Disney Store website. It cost £28.99 and for the amount of Tsum Tsums you’re getting, it’s well worth the price. This is definitely my favourite micro Tsum Tsum release so far, and I hope that it means there will be regular Tsum releases of these princesses in the future.

COMING TOMORROW: Disney family games






6 thoughts on “BLOGMAS: Disney Product Review, Princess Castle Micro Tsum Tsum Set

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  1. OKAY this is so CUTE! I don’t own any Tsum Tsum’s – but I have been looking at them recently. I’m not sure whether if I buy one, it’s going to be a huge mistake because I’m not going to be able to stop (probably!) I really want to start collecting something though, preferably Disney (: xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’re thinking of starting, this product is perfect! It has all 11 Tsums, some of which they don’t sell as a regular size. It’s probably the best one to get if you don’t want to start a large collection like mine! Will be sharing my full collection in 2018!! Thank you for reading Jenny it means the world to me xx

      Liked by 1 person

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