DISNEY Q&A: Get To Know Me!

Hi everyone! I opened myself up to questions from my followers on Instagram, so here they all are! I’m going to try and split them into categories to make them easier to read, but if there’s anything else you’d still like to know about me, then let me know in the comments!

Disney Collection Questions

leanne_disneygirl asked: What’s your opinions about the new Christopher Robin plushes?

I love them! I made a YouTube video all about them, if you’d like to check that out.

memeboots15 asked: What is your most wanted piece of Disney merchandise?

I’d really like an Oliver and company plush – the ones available in Japan are so cute but having them imported would be so expensive!

happilybeccaafter asked: What is your favourite item in your collection?

That would be my Walt and Mickey Partners statue – but next month I’ll be sharing my favourite plush in a collab post so stay tuned for that!

Disney Parks Questions

courtney_dory asked: If you could take any Disney park ride and make the ride your home for a whole year, which would you pick and why?

I think I would choose Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the aesthetic, I don’t find the animatronics scary or creepy, and there’s plenty of houses for me to stay in!

what_becky_did asked: What is on your Disney bucket list? Parks/Attractions/Things to eat

I did do a post about this for Disneyland, but in general: I’d love to try a citrus swirl, visit Tokyo Disneyland and ride Big Thunder Mountain!

pixiedustcrochet asked: Which character – that is not currently in any Park – would you like to see having meets?

The cast of Oliver and company!

emdoesdisneyx asked: What is your favourite thing to do in DLR?

I am going to be writing about this in the coming months, but it’s probably the Walking in Walt’s Disneyland footsteps tour, but stay tuned for a proper post about my must dos!

courtney_dory asked: Name one thing you think the Disney Parks are missing and why it would benefit from having it?

I’d love the Parks to have a ride like Mia’s Riding Adventure at Legoland Windsor. I just really enjoyed it, and before that, I’d never seen anything like it.

what_becky_did asked: Favourite hotel/character/land/ride

Disneyland Hotel, Sulley, Fantasyland, Its A Small World

happilybeccaafter asked: What is your favourite Park food?

Probably a dole whip or a candy apple!

courtney_dory asked: If you broke down on Its A Small World, which country would you want to be stuck in and why?

I love the Hawaii part, so I’d probably want to get stuck there – the Hula dancers make me laugh and I love hearing the Mermaid sing!

enchantedrosedesigns asked: DL vs WDW and why?

I’m going to say Disneyland. I just loved it so much, and there’s so much of Walt there. I do love Walt Disney World, but it just doesn’t have as much history for me.

courtney_dory asked: The five people who disappeared in the elevator of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, what do you think happened to them?

I really hate this ride so I don’t know much about the story behind it, but I’d say they fell down below the Park and became Cast Members.

memeboots15 asked: Do you Disney bound, and if you do, who have you done and if you don’t who would you do?

If you’re not aware what Disney bounding is, check out this great post from Duffy Does Disney. I haven’t, but I’d love to do Provincial Belle, Mr Smee and Boo!

Disney Film Questions

courtney_dory asked: You’ve just been hired by Disney to create the story line for a new animal film, what animals would you choose and what would the initial storyline be?

I’m really not good with story writing, so this is a really difficult question for me. ***

disneyelz asked: Why is Up your favourite Pixar film? What makes it stand out to you?

First of all, props for knowing that Up is my favourite! ***

Random Disney Questions

courtney_dory asked: Walt Disney is standing in front of you, and you can ask him one question – but it can’t be anything related to the Disney brand at all! What would you ask him?

This is such a good but difficult question! I think I’d just ask him who his inspiration is. Because he’s my inspiration, so I’d love to hear from him who his was, rather than reading about what people think his inspiration was.

disneysyko asked: What do you think October’s Mickey Mouse Memories theme will be?

Well, if the past is any indication, the ‘theme’ should be the 00s – however, I can’t think of any style or theme really iconic about the 00s, so I kind of hope they stop doing that? I’d love to see a Fantasia Mickey inspired plush.

mainstreetpixie  and memeboots15 asked: Number one place to visit on your Disney bucket list?

I did write about this a while ago, but I think I need to update it.. I’d say it’s the Walt Disney Family Museum still.

leanne_disneygirl asked: Where do you live and what’s your local/go to Disney store?

I live in Birmingham, and that’s the story I visit most often! I also sometimes visit Bristol, Merry Hill and Manchester.

courtney_dory asked: You’ve just met someone who has never heard of Disney in their life and you have to describe it to them in 5 words – what would they be?

Magical – Fantasy – Dreams – Past – Future

themepark_author_alexa asked: What made you decide to start the blog?

It was last October, and I was getting ready for my trip to Disneyland Paris, and I just thought, why don’t I blog about it? It helps me get my passion for Disney out there without boring those around me.

leanne_disneygirl asked: How do you feel about the new shopdisney?

I really love it! There’s so much new stuff I want on there. I might do a wish list post soon!

farawaylisamae asked: Favourite Disney memory?

Probably meeting Rapunzel on my 21st birthday – it was so special, and so worth the wait.

theglass.castle asked: Will you ever hold a Disney meet up?

I don’t have plans to right now, but if enough people were interested, I would in the future!

leanne_disneygirl asked: What instagram’s your favourite Disney account? Who’s your #1 Disney insta bff?

I have so many good friends that I’ve made through blogging! There’s Jess, Courtney, Ellie, Charlie, Emily, Priy and so many others!

Thank you so much for all your questions! If you’d like to know anything else, I’ll answer your questions in the comments.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please like, comment or follow me to let me know I’m doing a good job. See ya real soon!

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  1. This is such a fun post! I loved reading your answers 🙂 Gosh, imagine WALT DISNEY standing in front of you. What on Earth would you do / say? I’d probably cry haha! If you don’t mind, I might do something similar and ask around on Twitter for Disney related questions? I’ll tag you of course 🙂 xxx

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