My boyfriend’s impression of Disney California Adventure

Hello, my lovelies, and welcome to another California post. Today, I’m carrying on from what my boyfriend thought of Disneyland, and talking about it’s sister park, Disney California Adventure. As you may recall from the first post of this series, this was my boyfriend’s first time in America, so even an American Disney Park was new to him.

Favourite land?

Cars land. This seems obvious, because it was mine too, but the theming was unlike anything we had seen in a Disney Park before. Which is really saying something, since Disney wrote the book on Theme Park theming.

Favourite attraction?

Radiator Springs Racers. Sadly we only got to do this once, but Joe, my mom and I loved it. It was probably one of our favourite rides of the entire trip.

Favourite treat?

Pixar shortbread cookie. We ate this whilst waiting for Paint the Night, and obviously I opted for a Monsters Inc one.

Favourite food?

Pizza. We went to the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta for dinner, and even though Joe isn’t a massive fan of pizza, this was really all he could eat in the park.

Favourite experience?

Paint the Night. This was incredible, and unlike anything we had seen before. Fireworks and projection shows didn’t really amaze us over there, as we are too used to Disneyland Paris’ which we think was done better.

Least favourite thing?

Variety of food. Like I said, there wasn’t much that Joe could eat in this park so he had to opt for pizza which isn’t a food he usually chooses to eat. I would have struggled had I not found hot dogs, but Joe doesn’t eat hot dogs so he had to share my fries while we waited for the parade.

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