Mickey 90: Gold Collection Plush

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Disney product review! Today, I wanted to show you the plush that was released on the same day as the October Mickey Memories release. Or, should I say, that two plushes. There were actually three, and you can see the third in a video on my Facebook page, but it sold out in my store so I didn’t actually get that on the day of release.

Mickey’s 90th birthday is fast approaching, so lots of merchandise is coming out to commemorate the milestone. These are by far my favourite items released in this country so far, and they were from Shop Disney UK.

So let’s start with the small gold plush. This was the one that I was originally going to have. The prices of the plush were the small for £15, and the large for £50, so to be sensible I had settled on only getting the small plush. Also, given the amount of plush I already have in my bedroom, I wasn’t sure where he would live.


The small plush is smaller than the Mickey Memories, but the same size as most small plush. For example, the small plush of the fab five would be about the same size, but I have the medium that are just a bit bigger than the Mickey Memories.

The gold material is actually a nice feel, and I can report after owning mine for almost a month that the colour hasn’t faded or rubbed onto anything, which is always a worry with Gold plushes.


To show he’s for Mickey’s 90th birthday, he has a black and gold stitched tag that says gold collection, and a matching paper tag. Obviously, I’ve left it on, and as you can see, I’ve stood mine on a plush stand too. This is because I like my special edition plushes to be displayed properly rather than being shoved on my bed.

However, that isn’t all I got. I actually ended up with the large plush too!

The story of me getting both gold plushes, instead of just the one which I had planned, is that when my Mom and I saw the size and the quality of the large gold plush, she knew I had to have it. I’m so lucky to have a Mom that understands how much Disney means to me, and that’s because it means the same to her and my Dad, too.

So, as I said, I wasn’t sure where I would put this plush, but he still came home with me. Even in my room tour on YouTube, which was filmed a few hours after I came home with him, he didn’t have a home yet. I did find a home for him shortly after, which you will see in my Christmas room tour. Please make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!


Different pictures make this plush look different sizes, which is why I was so unsure about him. But as you can see, he’s very big in comparison to the small bean bag plush. He is taller than the Mickey Memories plush, which unfortunately means I can’t get a stand for him, but he stands up from the floor in my room and I’d say he comes up to about my knee.

This plush is the same size as the large plushes sold in the Disney store, so you can totally justify the £50 price tag, as that is what the regular large plushes usually retail at. At the moment, they are half price for Christmas, but normally this is how much they would cost. So for a much better material, and a special edition plush, you can justify this price.

Again, this plush has the same tags as the small Gold Mickey, and he’s a wonderful keepsake. I don’t own many large plush as they take up a lot of space, so I only get really special plush, and I’m so glad my Mom got me this one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I hope to see you back here soon for another post! Please subscribe to my blog if you can, so that you’re always notified when I’ve posted a new blog post. You can also follow me here:

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