Disney Baking: Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Roll

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s Disney baking post! With the help of my Mom, I want to make this a monthly feature on my blog. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you would like us to try!

Today’s Disney baking was inspired by Fresh Baked’s YouTube video for a Halloween inspired cinnamon roll. We followed all the steps except the decoration, where we opted for a tradition cinnamon roll decoration.

What you’ll need:

  • cinnamon swirl dough
  • a knife
  • a baking tray
  • a piping bag


I’m not doing a recipe this month, as we used cinnamon rolls out of a can. The brand we like at home are Jus-rol cinnamon swirls – which you can buy here. I know I usually link you to Morrison’s – as that’s where I work – but we don’t actually stock them!


Step one: open the can of cinnamon swirl dough and lay it on a board or table. We opted for a chopping board so that the rolls wouldn’t stick to the table!

Step two: section and cut out six cinnamon swirls. Ours didn’t come ready cut, but other jus rol products such as croissants usually do!

Step three: lay out your six swirls ready to arrange on the baking tray. Choose the best looking two to use as Mickey’s ears.

Step four: place your first three on the tray like a loose Mickey head. Make sure you put baking paper on the tray if you’re not going to grease it, to make sure Mickey doesn’t stick to the tray.

Step five: using the remaining three swirls, unravel them with your fingers, and roll them around the Mickey ‘face’ of your cinnamon swirls. Do this with all three until your swirl resembles a large circle.

Step six: pinch together the dough from the ‘ears’ and the ‘face’ to make sure they come together in the oven. You wouldn’t want his ears to fall off, would you?

Baking: the packaging of the jus roll cinnamon swirls advises that you have your oven set to GAS MARK 6, and bake these for 11-14 MINUTES until the roll is golden brown. We had to adjust this a little for our oven. Leave it to cool before you decorate!


Step seven: the brand we bought came with a little bit of icing sugar, but no icing bag. I assume you would just use a spoon and a bowl otherwise, but we preferred to ice it from a piping bag. So at this point you mix the icing sugar with water until its at the desired consistency, and then either spoon it on or pipe it on.

Step eight: Pipe or drizzle the icing onto the ears, in any style you’d like. Fresh baked went for a Halloween cobweb effect, but we went for the tradition drizzle.

Step nine: continue on his face until you’re happy with how it looks, and then you’re done! We were so happy with how this turned out, do you like it?

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