50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello, my lovelies. Today I’m doing a tagged post from Emma over at Sunshine and Rain. I have to write a list of the 50 things that make me happy, and then tag five more people.

  1. Disney, obviously
  2. that first view of the castle, at any Disney Park
  3. fluffy bed socks
  4. fresh bed sheets
  5. naps
  6. a trip to the Disney store
  7. a new plush toy
  8. deciding which book to read next
  9. rain on my bedroom window, when I don’t have to leave the house
  10. Christmas
  11. seeing Christmas lights
  12. going for drives with my boyfriend
  13. jumpers
  14. freshly baked bread, both taste and smell
  15. Harry Potter
  16. visiting the studio tour
  17. the opening sequence of a Disney or Pixar film
  18. bubble baths
  19. lush bath products
  20. the scent of Snow Fairy
  21. washing my hair after a long day
  22. giving gifts to my loved ones
  23. ‘I saw this and thought of you’
  24. watching Disney Life
  25. new blankets and pillows
  26. lie ins
  27. spending days off with my parents
  28. visiting my Granddad
  29. tango ice blasts
  30. hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows
  31. Sulley from Monsters Inc
  32. chocolate
  33. a fresh, clean notebook
  34. tulips
  35. American Dr Pepper
  36. It’s A Small World
  37. the smell of my mom’s baking
  38. singing in my car
  39. seeing my friends
  40. support from other bloggers
  41. meeting Disney characters
  42. dogs, especially my own
  43. not having to set an alarm
  44. watching the fireworks at Disneyland Paris
  45. seeing my Dad at his midnight mass service
  46. seeing photos or videos of Walt Disney
  47. listening to music
  48. watching Disney vloggers
  49. checking into a hotel room on the first day of a trip
  50. the song Part of Your World

I now tag:

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Jenny at Jenny in Neverland

Christy at Cookies and Cursewords

Zayna at Zayna Shaik

Anne at Forever The Wanderer

David at Oli David

Lee at Living Life With Lee

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