Tim Burton’s Live-action Dumbo | Disney Film Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to Lize in Disneyland! Almost a week and a half has passed since I saw the new Dumbo film, and I’ve finally got around to sharing my thoughts with you all. So, here is what I thought of Dumbo!

I should probably say that I don’t watch the original Dumbo much, because it gets me quite upset. So originally, I wasn’t going to go and see this at the cinema because I didn’t want to cry in public. I actually fought incredibly hard not to cry.

Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors, and is responsible for many of my favourite films. However, what was putting me off initially was the worry that his style would make this film too upsetting. I had heard mixed reviews going in, but I wanted to support him and the film, as I love Disney and Tim Burton so much.

The important thing to note about this film, is that I feel it’s an adaptation or retelling rather than simply a live-action remake. The plot takes a completely different turn to what you’re expecting if you went in for a shot-for-shot remake as we are expecting with The Lion King.

I loved the characters, I thought Dumbo was beautiful, and a lot of his scenes had me speechless and trying not to cry. What I especially loved was the product placement of the new Shop Disney Dumbo plush being available to buy at the merchandise stall in Dreamland. That was a really nice touch, and of course I’ve bought it since.

I don’t want to say anything about the plot, because I don’t read spoilers so I won’t write them either, but I was really happy with the plot and the ending. There were parts that made me worry for how the plot was going to progress, but I should have remembered that it was a Disney film.

For me, someone who doesn’t watch the original much anyway, I actually preferred it to the original. I’m not saying it’s better, but it’s easier for me to watch. I would just advise you to make your own mind up for yourself and go see it!

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